Visible women at Sami Church Days

Visible women at Sami Church Days

Women have traditionally occupied a central position in Sami  tradition. This will be emphasized in several ways during the Sami Church Days 2013.

Three out of four sermons in the worships are held by women: Birgitta Simma (Sweden), Erva Niityvuopio (Finland) and Line Skum (Norway). Bishop Sofie Petersen (Kalallit Nunaat / Greenland) and Norma Kassi (Canada) are key speakers at Friday’s opening seminar on climate change, nature spirituality of indigenous peoples. The astonishing history of the South Sami woman Elsa Laula Renberg – the leading Sami political pioneer in the early 1900s – is highlighted in a separate play. The museum exhibition “Biejjie niejth – Sun’s daughters” shows the Sami history seen through the eyes of five women.

The woman and the earth have been closely associated in the Sami tradition. This resonates with the main theme of the church days “Sacred Ground! Holy Word.”

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