The Sami Church Day program is finished!

The Sami Church Day program is finished!

A varied program marked by cultural experiences and Christian fellowship invites to reflection and spiritual deepening. Welcome to a unique church festival opening at the UN Indigenous Peoples Day 9 August!

ConcertsFrode Fjellheim and AdjágasArt exhibitionsHans Ragnar Mathisen and more. Seminar program: gwitch’in Norma Kassi (Canada), bishop Sofie Petersen (Kalaallit nunaat), professor Ole Henrik Magga, pastor for the South Sami Bierna L Bientie, father Michael Lapsley (Sør-Afrika), major Rolf Steffensen, lawyer Ingar N Kuoljok and more. Worships (sermons): Birgitta SimmaLine M. SkumErva Niityvuopio and more. Official opening: president of the Sami Parliament Egil Olli and chair of the South Sami Congregation Sigfred Jåma.

Youth campchildrens program (during seminar program), night films , soccer tournament, sami market and museum exhibition.

The event emphasizes inclusion of Sami languages, Norwegian/Swedish, Finnish, Russian and English.

Register for the Sami Church Days! Festival pass is available here.

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