All reconciliation begins by dealing truthfully with the past

All reconciliation begins by dealing truthfully with the past

Father Michael Lapsley was hit by a letter bomb during the anti-apartheid struggle. Since then he has devoted his life to reconciliation. Lapsley believes that all reconciliation must begin by dealing truthfully with the past. At the Sami Church Days he, Rolf Steffensen and Ingar N. Kuoljok host a double seminar on reconciliation between Sami and Norwegians.

Lapsley is head of the Institute for Healing of Memories in South Africa. He has worked for a long time with reconciliation processes in South Africa and elsewhere in the world – also related to indigenous peoples. Mayor and former pastor of Hamarøy Rolf Steffensen and lawyer and deputy chairman of the Sami Church Council Ingar Nikolaisen Kuoljok have been key in a Sami-Norwegian reconciliation project in the Lule-Sami area in Norway.

Front Cover KUN 2013The seminar 9 August also launch Acknowledging the past – shaping the future, a book about the church’s involvement in reconciliation processes in Sápmi. 12 contributions highlight the reconciliation processes in the Sami region. Lapsley, Steffensen and Kuoljok are among the contributors. Several other contributors will be present at the Sami Church Days. The book is published by Northern Norway Educational Centre of Practical Theology and the Sami Church Council of Church of Norway.

10 August Lapsley, Steffensen and Kuoljok follow up with a second seminar on the same theme.

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