Mo i Rana

Mo church

Mo church

Sami Church Days on historical ground

The town of Muoffie / Mo i Rana is chosen because of its Sami affiliation. Mo kirke, the church in downtown, was built for the Sami in 1723 by “the apostle of the Sami”, Thomas von Westen. The first school of Mo i Rana was also built for the Sami. The school stood on Moholmen, the town´s oldest district. Both Mo kirke and Moholmen are located adjacent to the festival site.

Facts about Mo i Rana

More information about Mo i Rana, the Sami history of the region, cultural activities, etc. will be published here.

Holidays in the Rana region?

The Rana region offers visitors many exciting vacation opportunities. Why not combine the Sami Church Days with a holiday in the Rana region? More info about holiday opportunities will come here.

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